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Priory Woods School & Arts College

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Useful Links

ALN Home School -  This site is designed to benefit parents and carers of young people who have additional learning needs who may have to be home schooled. It has lots of links to other useful sites.


Active Kids do better This website has some ideas for activities to do indoors.

Joe Wicks – Joe Wicks has lots of exercises to do on YouTube here is just one of them. 

Sit down AJ Join in with AJ and his friends as they create sit down dance routines and exercises.


Learning Music - The basics of music making. No prior experience or equipment is required; Suitable for children in G1 - G5 and Post 16

Music Learning Synths - Learning about keyboard synthesizers. G1 – G5 and Post 16 

Music Rhythm Groove - This site allows the user to create and play different rhythms suitable for G1, G2 and Post 16.

Primary Games - Music notation recognition game. But there’s lots of other cool games on here too!

Music Lab Chrome Music Lab is a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments. So why not try making up your own songs.

Free ‘Fun music sessions for people of any age with PMLD or SLD’ Every Tuesday and Saturday at 2pm -

Music making (free ipad apps)

Garageband - Free ipad app- Compose your own music or perform on instruments. (Drums are a good starter)

Korg Kaosilator – very easy to use, a touch sensitive electronic music making app.

Launch pad- Dance music software, compose and record a dance music track. (Try using the effect settings too for build ups.

Pacemaker- A free DJ app, be a real DJ, try mixing together different music. (Music is needed on the device for it to work)

Minimoog- A fancy keyboard. Try out all the different style of keyboard.

Video star- Make your own music videos, can use either the free tracks included or music on your device.

Widgit Online

Widgit are offering a free 21 day trial to Widgit Online. This could be really useful for parents who may need symbol support while their children are away from school.

Crick Software

This is a very generous offer from Crick.   Free access to their software.

How will our software help your learners at home?

  • Child-friendly word processing support that will enable students of all abilities to work independently.
  • Engaging resources on a wide range of curriculum topics to kick-start writing.
  • Can be used on and offline with easy sharing and saving options.

Claro Web Apps

Claro Software develops Assistive Technology, software for people with disabilities such as print and reading difficulties like dyslexia, to help them achieve all they can.

Claro have made their cloud web apps free to use for anyone who needs help while the COVID-19 uncertainty continues.

Puffin Activity Packs

Stick, colour, and get creative! We have a downloadable activity pack for every kind of story lover. Just pick your age, print out, and get started.

0-5 Year Olds

6-8 Year Olds

9-12 Year Olds

Museums from Home

Enjoy a visit to the museum from the comfort of your own home, with our creative resources