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Careers Policy

Careers Education Information, Advice & Guidance Policy


The Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance Policy at Priory Woods School and Arts School has been developed to incorporate the aims of the school and recent initiatives in careers education. The planned programme of study helps our students to understand their interests, strengths and weaknesses in relation to the work of work and lifelong education. Students also learn about different careers and opportunities for training, apprenticeships and volunteering.


The focus of Careers Education and Guidance is raising aspirations and equipping students with knowledge and understanding, skills and attitudes as a foundation for managing their lifelong career and learning.

Links with other Policies

This policy is underpinned by the school’s policies for Teaching, Learning & Assessment,

PSHE, Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety, Special Needs and EHC plans.

Roles & Responsibilities

The careers education programme is managed by the careers education team which consists of the careers lead, the KS3 & KS4 lead and the deputy head teacher. The team also works closely with Middlesbrough SEN team, the Careers & Enterprise Company and Preparation for Adulthood lead. At Priory Woods all staff contribute in some way to the careers education programme through their varied roles as tutors, subject teachers or members of the support staff team.


The careers lead manages the careers education programme and is directly responsible to the deputy head teacher and the governors of the school. The schools’ governors have demonstrated their commitment to careers education and guidance by their appointment of a link governor, Paul Clarke.

Careers Education and Guidance comprises five components:

  • Careers education within the curriculum
  • Planning and recording of achievements and work-related activities
  • Work experience
  • Access to individual guidance and support
  • Access to careers information 


The programme includes:

Careers education lessons

Careers guidance (individual planning and interviews, information and research activities) action planning and recording achievements

Mock interviews

Raising aspirations activities

Vocational taster sessions

College visits including, Middlesbrough College, Askham Bryan College & Prior Pursglove College

Extended work placements and volunteering

Visits from and to Post 19 providers

Work Experience

Work Experience is an important part of the educational entitlement of every pupil at Priory Woods. All pupils at Priory Woods are given the opportunity to go on work experience, provided internally or externally. The practice of work experience is planned and monitored by the Post 16 lead and work experience coordinator. It is designed in such a way to take full account of the needs of the pupils and to give pupils an insight into the world of work. When pupils return from work experience, the whole process is discussed and evaluated by staff and pupils alike. The work experience coordinator visits all pupils and reports back to relevant staff. Employers also evaluate the process and feedback to the work experience coordinator and pupils.

Other focused events include whole school and class enterprise activities, attendance at markets, trade events (e.g. Young Enterprise) and careers fairs.

Work Experience preparation and follow-up (including health and safety) responsibility takes place in tutor groups, careers sessions and other appropriate parts of the curriculum.

The careers programme at Priory Woods aims to meet the needs of all students at this school and is differentiated in terms of outcomes, resources and learning styles to ensure that it is appropriate to students’ stages of career learning and development.

Monitoring, Review and Evaluation

An important part of the CEIAG programme is evaluation. It is mainly through evaluation that this policy will develop whilst keeping abreast of national changes to CEIAG Evaluations take place after career-related events so we can assess whether or not career outcomes have been met. Students access to careers related activities are tracked electronically and are regularly monitored.

Assessment takes place through verbal feedback/assessment observation, written evaluations and student and employer feedback.

The process of regularly completing and monitoring the Gatsby Benchmark Compass Tool has given us the opportunity to review and evaluate the whole CEIAG programme


Partnerships have been firmly established with the SEN Team at Middlesbrough Council and local employers who provide work experience placements. Other firm links have been developed with Post 19 providers and F.E colleges such as Middlesbrough College, Askham Bryan College and Prior Pursglove College for vocational and academic taster days.


Funding for careers education is allocated in the annual budget in the context of whole school priorities.

Staff Development

Staff training needs are identified yearly. Funding will come from the CPD budget.


Parents play an integral part in pupils’ understanding of career choices and are encouraged to attend a range of career events including parents’ evenings, transition planning, work experience and EHC Plan review.

This policy will be reviewed annually

Review Date:

This policy was developed and is being reviewed annually through discussions with staff; students, parents, governors and other external agencies.

Learner Entitlements (Appendix 1)

At Priory Woods you are entitled to receive a planned programme of career education, information, advice and guidance that is impartial and independent.  This will help prepare you for the world of work and help you to lead an independent life.

You can expect:

  • Support from a class tutor who knows you and can help you to get the help you need.
  • A high quality programme of careers education lessons.
  • Careers education, information, advice and guidance about your learning.
  • To be given the opportunity to feedback/discuss how well you think your careers lessons have helped you to prepare for the future.

By the end of Key Stage 4 you will have:

  • Completed a Preparation for Adulthood plan as part of the EHC Plan review process.
  • Taken part on an internal work experience placement based on your interest and skills.
  • Been given support and guidance to enable you to have a successful transition into a Post 16 placement.
  • Taken part in activities to enable you to work with business partners, prepare your curriculum vitae and attend a mock interview.
  • Received support and guidance to apply for a place at local further education colleges if appropriate.
  • Had a careers interview with the local authority as part of the EHC review process.

By the end of Key Stage 4 you will be able to

  • Describe your personal qualities and skills.
  • Describe how you like to learn.
  • Recognise the different skills you are developing in each curriculum area.
  • Describe the steps you need to take in order to make a good decision about your options.
  • Use computer programmes and internet to research future careers choices and the qualifications, skills and attitudes required.       
  • Explain what careers you are interested in and what may help you to reach your goals.
  • Understand the different levels of qualifications that are available.
  • Explain what the word stereotype means and give one example of stereotyping in jobs, where appropriate.
  • Understand that having a stereotypical view about people might limit your own career and learning options.

By the end of Key Stage 5 you will have:

  • Been given the opportunity to take part in various external work experience placement.
  • Been given help and support to apply for college/work training schemes/apprenticeships/supported internships.
  • Attended local colleges i.e. Middlesbrough, Askham Bryan, Prior Pursglove.
  • Had a careers interview with the local authority as part of the EHC review process.
  • Had one to one careers information, advice and guidance sessions with the school’s career adviser.
  • Support to complete CVs and application as needed.