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Bullying Policy

By bullying we mean the conscious decision to hurt, threaten or intimidate someone rather than behaviours that are carried out to draw attention to the individual or used to take a desired toy / object etc. 

The latter behaviours may be regarded as developmental and may occur frequently with some children e.g. biting, nipping, pushing, kicking, scratching etc.  In these cases the child is unaware of the outcome of his / her actions on another person. 

Bullying can take the form of teasing, name calling, jostling, punching or physical assault or isolating / not speaking to someone. The instigator is aware of the outcome of his / her actions.  We can have very high expectations of our pupils in terms of behaviour and with our supervision and staffing levels these behaviours should not take place.

What is the procedure for dealing with incidents of bullying:

However if the situation does arise where bullying or intimidation has taken place, it will be dealt with quickly and firmly.   The following is a suggested procedure for dealing with incidents of bullying:

  • A single instance of bullying should result in the person who is carrying out the threatening behaviours having their actions explained to them by the member of staff in charge.
  • If a second occasion should occur the child should be removed from the group and should be spoken to by the head teacher / deputy head teacher.  It may be necessary for the class teacher to incorporate some circle time / role play activities into PSE work.  A reward system should also be instigated.  Parents must be informed of school's concerns via a telephone call from the class teacher, this phone call should be recorded in the Phone Contact Record Book.
  • Any persistent or serious incidents of bullying must be recorded on CPOMS and parents invited into school to a decision making case conference.

Bullying is not reportable in the same way as Child Abuse, however it is an issue that we take seriously at Priory Woods and one that we will not tolerate.  Any incidents of bullying should be promptly reported to the head teacher or in her absence the deputy head teacher.