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SRE Policy

Definition and Legal Requirements.

In its SRE guidance in 2000, The DfE states that ‘Mainstream schools and special schools have a duty to ensure that children with SEN are properly included in SRE. SRE should help all pupils understand their physical and emotional development and enable them to make positive decisions in their lives.’  It is compulsory for all schools to teach about the biological aspects of sex education.

Currently, much of SRE is not statutory, but government recommendations include the inclusion of an SRE programme in primary which is tailored to the age, physical and emotional maturity of children and that children should know about puberty before it happens.

SRE at Priory Woods.

SRE is part of the PSHE curriculum. Through it we give consideration to pupils’ needs and ability to understand, and aim to

  • Develop moral understanding
  • Encourage pupils to feel positive about themselves, develop confidence and self esteem
  • Develop respect for others
  • Encourage pupils to make positive choices
  • Help pupils to develop healthy relationships within a moral framework
  • Help pupils understand how relationships are formed, maintained and sometimes ended
  • Prepare pupils for change, physically and emotionally
  • Teach pupils about appropriate and inappropriate behavior
  • Encourage assertiveness
  • Help pupils stay safe
  • Help pupils to understand emotions and feelings
  • Develop an awareness of family life and the responsibilities of parenthood
  • Develop an understanding and acceptance of diversity

Staff use their judgment as to what the pupils will understand and their emotional maturity to plan appropriate programmes of work.

Equal Opportunities

We strive to make the SRE curriculum relevant to all pupils regardless of age, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion or social class. We avoid enforcing gender or racial stereotypes.

Parents and SRE

Parents are informed of their child’s participation in SRE work and are legally entitled to withdraw their son or daughter at any age. This does not apply to those aspects covered by the science curriculum.

We are aware that some parents find it difficult to cope with their child’s sexual development and are happy for school to take the initiative. Equally, we are happy to work with parents to ensure they are confident that we are meeting the needs of their child. We understand the importance of consistency of information given to the child or young adult.


Lucinda and Godfrey (Lower School)
Base SRE Curriculum (Peter Imray)

Equals SRE

‘Let’s Do It’ (Johns, Scott and Bliss)

Kylie and Jason DVD (Life Support Productions)

Monitoring and Evaluation

This policy and its implementation are approved by the Governing Body.

Work is monitored by senior staff and the PSHE Curriculum Team Leader.