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Year 7 Catch-Up Funding Impact Statements

Below is the most recent Impact Statement.  You can find downloads for previous years at the foot of this page.

Year 7 Catch-Up Funding Impact Statement 2017-2018

The Year 7 Catch Up Funding is a government initiative that provides additional funding designed to target resources on those students who have not achieved level 4 or above in Reading and/or Maths. It is estimated that the Department for Education (DfE) provides us with an additional £500 per student so that we can deliver extra support to help these students to “catch up.”

In 2017 2018 we received £7000

Details of how Priory Woods School used this funding to support these students and increase their successes are outlined below:




Specialist Equipment for Students with Complex Needs


To support our students with complex needs and their Tree Top Programs.

Awaiting assessment data

Literacy Equipment – role play equipment purchased to develop the literacy skills of SLD pupils.


To support the students following the new Semi Formal Equals Curriculum.

Awaiting assessment data

Numeracy Equipment – Maths equipment purchased to develop the spatial awareness skills of SLD pupils – (Maths Intervention and Special Study)

Students will receive small group intervention once a week. The intervention will focus on developing their spatial awareness in order to improve their mathematical ability.

Awaiting assessment data

New laptops bought for students to access RM Maths and Lexia Reading Program

Students will have access to Laptops during their Maths and English Lessons and will be encouraged to use them during free time.

Awaiting assessment data