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Post 16

Post 16 Curriculum 

In Post 16 the curriculum is embedded within the four Preparation for Adulthood pathways; Employment, Independent Living, Community Inclusion and Health. This best prepares our young people for life beyond school. We want them to be confident, independent and responsible individuals who feel equipped to make informed choices about their futures.

We consolidate students’ prior study and aim to broaden and develop previous skills. Our Challenge and Explore timetable includes Functional Skills sessions. In these, students continue to develop their English and Maths skills, at a level appropriate to the learner, with Challenge learners sitting Entry Level exams. An emphasis is placed on utilising these skills in very practical ‘real life’ situations. Students are encouraged to plan and organise their trips into the local community, run their own tuck shop, create and run a business enterprise and to develop skills such as cooking basic meals, using public transport and making medical appointment.

Employability lessons help students prepare for their future, no matter what employment may look like for them. They develop the skills needed to become successful employees and this supports them in overcoming barriers to entering work. Meaningful internal and external work experience plays a crucial part in the students’ learning.

Students requiring a more sensory approach benefit from accessing a therapeutic curriculum tailored to individual needs, following our Engage curriculum.

All students continue to benefit from access to a wide range of creative opportunities.

Studentsachievements are accredited through Pearson Edexcel Entry Level Functional Skills in both English and Maths, Entry Level ICT, ASDAN Personal and Social Development, ASDAN Employability, the ASDAN Towards Independence Programmes and also with AQA Unit Awards.

*Schemes of work and Assessment summary available as PDF's at the bottom of the page*


Challenge/Explore Curriculum.

Engage Curriculum 


Key Learning Outcomes


Employment opportunities -

  • Café 16 - Internal work experience
  • External work experience
  • Enterprise; including staff lunches
  • Team work
  • ICAG
  • Vocational profiles
  • Visits to Post 19 providers
  • Employer engagement
  • Skills builder programme

Accreditation links - 

  • Dealing with Problems in Daily Life
  • Managing Own Money
  • ASDAN - Employability
  • Maintaining Work Standards
  • Exploring Job Opportunities
  • Applying for a Job
  • Enterprise Skills
  • Communicating with Others at Work
  • Customer Service
  • Learning Through Work Experience
  • AQA Unit Awards


Independent Living opportunities - 

  • ILC
  • Friday tuck shop
  • Managing money
  • Walking between buildings
  • Independent travel training
  • Using the café
  • Responsibility for own belonging
  • Making choices

Accreditation links - 

  • ASDAN TI: Independent Living
  • Making Breakfast; Making a Hot Drink; Making a Packed Lunch; Making a Main Meal (Lunch or Dinner); Cleaning; Using a Washing Machine; Using a Tumble Dryer; Ironing; Project
  •  ASDAN - PSD
  • Making the Most of Leisure Time
  • Dealing with Problems in Daily Life
  • Managing Own Money
  • Personal Safety in the Home and Community


Community Inclusion opportunities - 

  • Friends & relationships
  • Community outings
  • Prom
  • Pupil Voice
  • Residential visits 
  • After school clubs
  • Transitions
  • Environmental awareness
  • Transferring skills into real life situations

Accreditation links - 

  • Community Action
  • Making the Most of Leisure Time
  • Dealing with Problems in Daily Life
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Managing Own Money
  • Using Technology in the Home and Community
  • Personal Safety in the Home and Community


Good Health opportunities -

  • Personal hygiene
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Mental health promotion
  • Understanding ourselves
  • Themed week e.g. Mental health, friendship, Anti-bullying
  • First Aid training
  • Making healthy choices
  • Thrive
  • Physiotherapy
  • Tree Top programmes
  • Self-regulating strategies and therapies 
  • Making and attending appointments

Accreditation links - 

  • Managing Social Relationships
  • Developing Self
  • Healthy Living