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Priory Woods School & Arts College

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Upper School

G1 have had another brilliant half term. We’ve focussed on the Titanic, which has brought about some wonderful questions and fabulous postcards, newspaper articles and even Lego models of the ship! We were really invested in the Titan disaster; watching the news every day and pulling together all the facts to eventually complete our own news reports about the event. We finished off the half term with trips to Hartlepool Tall Ships, the Lifeboat Museum and Tynemouth Aquarium.

As part of our ‘Under the Sea’ topic, we had a seafood tasting session. We visited Morrison’s to buy the seafood and the fishmonger kindly talked to us about the range of fresh fish for sale. During the cookery session we used range of our senses to touch, taste and smell each item. We voted for the ones we liked……it didn’t end up being many!

G3 have enjoyed our topic this half term, it has given us the opportunity to write about portholes. We thought about what animals and items we would find under the sea. The class have also created some brilliant artwork of themselves as deep sea divers. We enjoyed lots of visits out to local beaches; we paddled in the sea, found starfish and crabs in the rock pools and took part in a fun scavenger hunts. I think the class’s favourite visit was to the aquatic shop at Strikes, they got to look at all the different fish and feed the huge kofi carp fish!

G4 enjoyed a visit to Farm foods to buy the class some snacks for the hot weather. They found the ice lolly freezer and looked to see how many lollies were in each box. With the assistance of their peers, they counted how many students were in their class and worked out how many boxes they would need. The students went to the counter to pay, they used the correct coins and paid the shop assistant. The students showed excellent listening and problem solving skills. Also, G4 enjoyed a trip to Gelato Jo Jo ice cream parlour for their end of year trip. The students enjoyed eating their ice-creams and everyone had a wonderful time.

G5 have had another busy, fun-filled half term continuing to learn about the ocean as part of our 'Under the Sea' topic. We enjoyed a brilliant sports morning where we participated in a number of different sports events, including egg and spoon races, obstacle courses, relay races, and the long jump. We demonstrated great teamwork and sportsmanship, encouraging our friends to try their best and cheering everyone on. We also loved visiting Redcar beach for the day with our friends in G6 - we made sandcastles, played football, flew kites, and had a refreshing paddle in the sea. Having chips and ice cream together was a real highlight of the trip!

G6 have had another busy half term, continuing to explore the topic ‘Under the sea’. We had a lovely day trip to Redcar with our friends in G5, with the highlight being having chips and an ice cream. We also participated in our sports day, enjoying a range of different sporting events. 

This term in G7 we have continued with our 'Under the Sea' topic. One of our highlights has being going on the beach buggies at Redcar. We have also loved exploring a book called ‘Bright Stanley’.

This half term we have loved continuing our topic 'Under the Sea', we have enjoyed some lovely trips to the local seaside, playing on the sand and dipping our toes in the sea. We have enjoyed creating under the sea animals in art and used a range of different materials to create different textures, such as, bubble wrap for jellyfish and painting with seaweed. This topic has also been great fun during our hydrotherapy sessions, we have hunted for fish in the water, developed our communication skills requesting what we would like to engage with worked on our physical development targets. As the year comes to an end, we have made the most of the lovely sunny days together engaging in water play, community walks and outdoor learning. We hope everyone has a lovely summer holiday!

This half term G9 have been enjoying exploring ‘Under the Sea’ activities, including sand and water play, arty activities making fish and jellyfish, as well as having fun in the pool, on the trampoline and in the outdoor areas. We have tasted coconuts, crab sticks and ‘seaweed’, and explored sea creatures, shells and sensory ocean bottles! The group were given the opportunity to have 10 sessions at Aerial Yoga. They found this new environment and the challenge of the silk swings daunting to begin with, but they rose to the challenge and had great fun doing it. We are very proud of them all.  G9 have been nature champions this half term. They have been clearing plastics from our sea scene tough tray and growing onions and wildflowers for bees in our raised bed garden.

This half term G10 have continued to enjoy the 'Under the Sea' topic, and we have focussed on mermaids.  All the students have enjoyed our 'Millie the Mermaid' sensory story and producing some beautiful mermaid art.  Our sensory dance session has been a mixture of all the student's favourite songs, it has been so lovely to see how excited they are when their chosen song comes on.