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Coronavirus School Closure Information

On your right you will find useful information and links to help during this period of closure (if viewing on a smaller screen, e.g. a phone, the links will be at the foot of the page).  

Dear Families,

This morning I received the updated guidance around opening school up to more pupils.  We have already spoken to you about whether you would consider allowing your child to come back and now have a list of those who said yes or maybe. This week, we will call you to ask you some more questions and give you more detailed information. We will ask if there is anyone at home that is shielding and also about your child's medical conditions. All of this is part of our extensive risk assessing as recommended in the guidance. Please make sure you answer your phone if it says 'Private Number' as we may well call from our homes. If we cannot speak to you, it will be difficult for us to continue our work to ensure we make school as safe as possible. 

You may have seen Mr Johnson talk about June 1st as a day when this may start. We will not be starting this on that date. We have lots of work to do around risk assessments and ensuring the building is ready to accept more pupils after a lengthy partial closure. As you know, I have consistently said our approach is driven by safety for pupils and staff and until I and the Governing Board are satisfied that we have made school as safe as we can, we will not open. You will also know that this is Half Term and I have asked our teachers and teaching assistants to have this time off.

Thanks again to you all for your ongoing support.

Kind regards


Key Workers

Dear Families,

We now have information about who are considered to be key workers and so are now in a position to begin planning to support these families if we can. This information only became available very late yesterday.

We must not forget that the reason we closed was around keeping our children safe with regards to medical conditions and in line with Public Health England’s guidance. This aim has to remain a priority and the government has said “ Many parents working in these sectors may be able to ensure their child is kept at home. And every child who can be safely cared for at home should be.” However, we fully understand and want to support the children of key workers whilst keeping everyone safe.