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Home learning for G8/G9 families.

Guidance notes.

Our group of students have lots of difficulty accessing formal or traditional home learning – everyone who works with out lovely students is aware of this.

However we think that the key to home learning is supporting the adults that will be implementing it. You know them best! However one of the challenges will be for them to realise that home is now a work place as well.

We have lots of activities from routine classroom activities to Tree Tops programmes.

Best way we think is through video of us and where we can of students ‘doing’ with explanations. We hope that we are not stating the obvious but to be used as a starting point, please engage and let us and the other parents know how it went and how it can be improved..

We have set up dojo and Evidence for Learning is already in place.

Feedback and photo/video, written or verbal Evidence of learning and activities can be sent by the above, email, discussed on doorstep visit or phone call or let us know what the best method would be. Videos and photographs are very much appreciated

You will still be receiving weekly doorstep visits and phone calls. Use this to let us know what has worked and any other resources you think would add to the activities. This is a good time to for you to ask any questions about either the activities or accessing them from the website.

Our students require repetition and repetition etc.

Do not be dismayed if at first, they do not engage in an activity or it lasts 3 seconds, it will improve and then probably fluctuate, it is about opportunities for students to engage and make positive choices.

We hope that they and you have fun, we have found that at the beginning of the year and after long breaks! we focus on rebuilding and strengthening relationships to establish opportunity for successful engagement.

This is certainly not the way we wanted to start the new year and we appreciate it is difficult time for everyone. 


G8 and G9 Team   Carolyn  James  Derek