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PD Day

Dear Families, 

As you know, Friday is a PD day so school is closed to children and young people. 

We are aware however, that there may be a need to contact us should your son or daughter display potential COVID symptoms over the first couple of days which would mean that we would need to contact classmates and staff if there was a positive test. 

Should symptoms occur on Friday or Saturday, please go for a test and inform us of the result if it is positive. This is because you will be asked to trace back 48 hours from the onset of the symptoms. 

So, if symptoms appear on

Friday Arrange test and contact school if positive. Email
Saturday Arrange test and contact school if positive. Email
Sunday onwards Arrange a test but no need to contact school.

I really hope we don't receive any emails!

May I also take this opportunity to thank all of our families for your ongoing support and understanding during what has been a challenging half term. We can only hope that things settle down and maybe they will if we all follow the guidelines of washing our hands, staying two metres apart from others, wearing face coverings in shops and other enclosed areas, looking out for symptoms and arranging tests and isolating as required. 

On a positive note, the pupils have been fantastic and have adapted to the new version of school much better than we anticipated.  Lots of lovely learning has been happening, much of it outside and also in the classrooms. Class staff have been incredibly creative in ensuring the students get the best possible opportunities whilst maintaining as COVID secure an environment as we possibly can.

Half term will most likely be different to the usual holiday, but I hope you manage to have some lovely times regardless. We will hopefully see everyone back safe and sound on 2.11.20.

Best wishes,