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Week 4

At the park

This week we thought you might want to start to venture a bit further from home, not that some of the lockdown rules are easing.  We have put together some ideas of things to do in the park with your child.

Here is a story about a boy going to the park with his Dad.



Here is a Makaton Signed story abuot a trip to the park



Activity 1 - Make a Telescope

Can you make a telescope with toilet rolls or kitchen roll holder and see what you an see in the park like Timothy did in the story.




Activity  2 - Make some natural paint brushes


  1. Collect up some twigs.  You could basically use any size or shape sticks but we chose ones that were not too thin or wide and were as straight as possible.  Our twigs were approximately 22cm long.
  2. Find the bushiest part of the plant and snip off a small bunch.  You do no need a lot because when you join the leafiest parts together it becomes dense.  Trim off the leafiest parts so they are roughly the same length and bunch it together.  Attach it to the end of the twig by wrapping the elastic band around it several times to hold it into place.
  3. Take them home and use to paint some messy pictures


Activity 3 - Build a Den

You can either do this in the park or at home, inside or outside.  This website gives you lots of ideas.

You could use your den to cosy up and read stories together, or role play


Activity 4 - Take some Photos

Take some photos.  We would love to see some of the adventures you are getting up to so please take a few photos and send them to us – if you are happy, we can put them our Facebook page to share with our school community.

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