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Priory Woods School & Arts College

Priory Woods School & Arts College A Special Place to Learn

Creative Arts

We believe that participation in the creative arts should be an integral part of every pupil’s school experience.

We endeavour to provide our pupils with rich and varied learning opportunities in music, drama, dance and art, using a cross curricular approach as well as offering subject specific lessons within key stage creative days.

Creative arts bring together intellect and feeling and enable personal expression, reflection and emotional development.

They enable pupils to develop creativity at their own level and provide opportunities to promote a sense of personal and group identity.

Individual responses and diversity are celebrated as there is no “right” or “wrong” way to be creative.

Pupils’ learning is enriched through developing partnerships and links with arts practitioners, offering creative experiences in the wider community and promoting arts activities based around their own and others cultural heritage.

We aspire to develop “creators” who will have a life long interest in the arts.