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P16 Cafe

In spring 2015 we are extending our post 16 provision to include ‘The Priory Woods Vocational and Enterprise Zone’ and ‘Cafe 16’. The cafe will provide rich opportunities to develop, apply and learn new skills within a meaningful workplace contexts.  We believe that Work Experience contributes towards the personal, academic and social development of all students. It enables students to relate their work in school to the ‘real world’ and contributes to their understanding of wider society including industry and the local community.


1. To enable students to gain the following benefits of:

  1. Taking responsibility
  2. Developing self confidence
  3. Learning the values of co-operation
  4. Improving communication skills
  5. Working as a team
  6. Following instructions
  7. Time management
  8. Improving Literacy skills
  9. Improving Numeracy skills
  10. Improving ICT skills
  11. Developing independent living skills
  12. Developing employability skills


  1. To improve attainment by making learning more relevant
  2. To broaden the range of continuing education, training and employment, which might be considered by our students
  3. To introduce students to the knowledge and skills of a particular occupational area
  4. To help students to make the transition from education to work
  5. To enhance students’ social and communication skills and ability to interact with others in a work environment

When working in the cafe students develop the following Personal, Learning and Thinking skills:

  1. Independent enquiry
  2. Self-management
  3. Reflective learning
  4. Effective participation
  5. Creative thinking
  6. Team working
  7. Applying English, maths and ICT to real world contexts.


All students working in Café 16 will work towards attaining City and Guilds Entry Level 2 in Food Studies/Catering

Students work experience can also contribute to both AQA Unit Awards, ASDAN Towards Independence modules and Basic Food Hygiene.

Please see the document at the foot of the page for further details.