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P16 Citizenship

Key concepts

  • Decision making
  • Consequences
  • Social structure relating to justice
  • Democracy
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Identity and social diversity
  • Working together


We aim to equip students to become as independent as possible and to see themselves as part of a variety of communities. Our students will

learn to take personal responsibility for themselves, as well as to be aware of other people’s rights, needs and responsibilities. They will understand actions have reactions which can affect themselves and others. We hope that they will develop better understanding of responsibilities and know when to self advocate. We will work to instil a strong belief in who they are as well as a sensitivity to and respect for the identities of others.

Students will be provided with opportunities to reflect on scenarios and to negotiate ways forward, considering the views and feelings of others by reflecting upon moral, social and cultural issues.

Students will begin to realise that when they make decisions or take action, these have consequences which can be different for different people.

As well as doing this on a personal level, the students will be encouraged to consider the consequences of antisocial behaviours such as bullying and racism on individuals and communities.

Students will also consider the expectations regarding behaviour that we have in Post Sixteen, why we have them and what happens when they are not met. They will be encouraged to think about how people who break rules should be treated, both in post sixteen and the wider community.

Students will develop their ability to understand what democracy is. We will continue to provide opportunities to consider the democratic structures and

processes within school including still being involved in  the school council. We aim to foster strong self esteem and confidence in all our students.


Students work on Citizenship section of ASDAN “Towards Independence” module

Please see the document at the foot of the page for further details.