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P16 Dance & Drama

The dance/drama curriculum at Post 16 aims to provide opportunities to inspire and develop a broader awareness of and lifelong interest in the arts. Students are provided with rich and varied learning opportunities in which they can; explore artists/organisations, attend dance/drama performances, participate in dance/drama workshops both in school and the wider community, achieve nationally recognised arts accreditations and access work experience opportunities with Post 19 arts providers to promote awareness of choice after Post 16. It promotes student learning, enriched by the use of accreditations meeting individual needs and celebrating their successes, through encouraging peer feedback and self assessment and by developing partnerships and links with arts practitioners who offer creative experiences from a diverse range of styles and cultural backgrounds.  It offers students’ environments in which to develop specific dance skills/drama techniques and to become “creators” through choreography/improvisation. It allows for student voice, encouraging individual responses, group discussion, decision making and enabling personal expression, reflection and emotional well being.

The curriculum will allow students to develop the following Cross-curricular, Personal, Learning and Thinking skills:

  • Independent enquiry
  • Self-management
  • Reflective learning
  • Effective participation
  • Creative thinking
  • Team working
  • Applying English, maths and ICT relevant to research and development of ideas.


ASDAN Towards Independence areas covered as appropriate to individual student abilities. These include:

PMLD - Multi-Sensory – Movement Programmes (Sensory Dance) and Other Therapies (Sensory Drama)

            Creativity -  Costume Performance

Plus      AQA units (Pre Entry Level) in Performing Arts

SLD – Performing Arts

          Creativity – Costume Performance

 Plus    Arts Award Bronze

           BATD Dance Examinations

           AQA units (Entry Level & Level 1) in Performing Arts

Please see the document at the foot of the page for further details.