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P16 Hydro Rebound

Hydrotherapy and Rebound therapy are the therapeutic use of the pool and trampoline to develop and promote motor skills, body awareness, balance, co-ordination and communication. They are an integral part of our curriculum particularly for our students with profound and multiple learning difficulties and are designed to accommodate pupils’ individual abilities and disabilities whilst drawing upon their previous experience and likes and dislikes.

Improved health and fitness and greater independence are encouraged, whilst fun, enjoyment and the opportunity to succeed are of paramount importance. Both therapies should not be seen as an isolated activity but rather as an integrated part of the pupils movement programme. They are accessible to pupils with a range of special needs such as specific physical disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders, learning difficulties, co-ordination problems, following assessment by the relevant professionals involved, e.g. Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Nursing Staff, GP etc.


Our school has a Hydrotherapy pool with a light and sound system that provides our students with a relaxing or energetic sensory experience. There are a variety of light patterns that bathe the water in a range of colours to add to the ambience. The lighting and sound system can be changed to create a full sensory experience for those with very complex needs. Students are carefully monitored in the water with float supports and staff assistance. Targets can be appropriately incorporated into the session – e.g. practicing sitting, standing and walking skills either within the pool or as part of dressing, undressing in an appropriate setting.

Rebound Therapy

Students enjoy using the trampoline and symbols are used to encourage pupils to communicate and request more or finish. The sessions are designed to encourage the student to continually develop whilst at the same time experiencing healthy exercise and enjoyment. Students are carefully monitored on the trampoline and have trained staff assistance. Targets can be appropriately incorporated into the session. Refer to the whole schools’ rationale for Rebound and The Code of Practice.  

During the programme students develop the following:

  • communication
  • eye contact
  • reduction in sensitivity and tone
  • improved mobility
  • body awareness


ASDAN Towards Independence Multi-Sensory Experiences Section C & Section E.

Please see the document at the foot of the page for further details.