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Priory Woods School & Arts College

Priory Woods School & Arts College A Special Place to Learn

P16 Sensory Curriculum

Our sensory curriculum is devised to encourage the development of:

  • Motor/Gross Motor Skills
  • Physical Sensory skills
  • Tactile awareness
  • Position tolerance
  • Sensory integration
  • Controlling movement
  • Physical orientation and mobility skills
  • Understanding cause and effect
  • Developing visual and auditory discrimination skills
  • Communication

We like to give our students opportunity to develop skills within everyday contexts and for a range of purposes. Therefore the students experience Leisure and Social sessions, Sensory Cooking, Sensory Textiles, Sensory Dance and Drama as well as the development of core areas including Communication, Sensory Maths, Stories, Science and Physical and Personal wellbeing.

We learn about our environment and ourselves through our senses of vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch and movement. Without any one of these we are limited in our capacity of learning. We aim to provide a stimulating multi-sensory curriculum for all our students who will benefit from this approach, to encourage more awareness of visual, auditory and tactile experiences. They will understand that their actions have consequences which not only affect themselves but others around them. This method gives rise to new learning, using all the senses to access the curriculum and makes learning fun! We endeavour to ensure that the work provided is age appropriate in terms of both the learning contexts and the resources used. We aim to provide all team members with positive and constructive feedback on a regular basis, to ensure their confidence and passion for teaching continues to flourish. Every effort is made to make the curriculum accessible and relevant to the needs of each individual student. This will be achieved by planning, teaching and evaluating a wide variety of imaginative, age-appropriate activities which ensure that learning is engaging and enjoyable.

We wish to enable each pupil, whatever the degree of special need, to access the curriculum so that they can reach their full potential and enhance their self-esteem and to stimulate and maintain pupil curiosity, interest and enjoyment in their own education.

Please see the document at the foot of the page for further details.