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Work Experience

In Upper School many pupils in Key Stage 4 have been working hard on their preparation for Adulthood – whilst having lots of fun!  

Pupils have been taking part in internal work experience programmes tailor made to suit their needs and interests. Over the last few weeks you may have been greeted by a ‘new’ receptionist helping the office staff, or heard about our new lunchtime supervisors helping pupils in the Lower School Dining Hall.  Some pupils have even became PE Coaches for the day or fruit delivery staff helping with our orders.  Staff have also noticed a new assistant helping our care staff doing the laundry!  

During work experience pupils look very professional wearing a T-shirt that has our very own Priory Woods Work Experience Logo that was designed by pupils across Upper School.  It certainly makes them feel very important!  

The aim of the programme is to give students a real life experience of being an employee in preparation for their future. It is very exciting for them and all pupils take their roles and responsibilities very seriously, which is fantastic to see!